Art, literary submissions due by March 2


Call to artists and writers: March 2 is the deadline to submit work to SandScript, Pima Community College’s award-winning art and literary journal.
The annual journal, created and designed by students, is accepting submissions from PCC students registered for at least two academic credits this spring or last fall.

Each year, the SandScript staff reviews and deliberates over a plethora of art, poetry and prose submissions. The competition to get accepted can be tough, but it’s admittedly easier than a national magazine.

“You’re just competing with your fellow students,” says Joshua Cochran, SandScript’s faculty adviser. “It’s an excellent way to get your first work published.”

This is actually the first year that SandScript is exclusive to students, having accepted faculty submissions in previous years. Students who work part time for the college or do work-study can also submit work.

All submissions are reviewed anonymously, identified by student number only. Therefore, material is chosen solely on merit.

“We got so many great submissions last year,” says Kaycee Petersen, SandScript’s 2014 editor. “It was fun and challenging deliberating over what got in.”

The SandScript staff looks for prose and poetry that is unique but relatable, delving into the many facets of human dynamic and experience.

Prose must have fully developed characters that are genuine and moving. The plot should make the reader think and explore unique perspectives.

Poetry should evoke feelings through details and images, be genuine and yet speak to something that goes beyond one’s personal experience.

For art, SandScript seeks work that shows an understanding of visual composition. The artwork should transcend and delve deeply into the spectrum of emotion, from disturbing to sad, simplicity to joyous abandon.

Art must be submitted in a scanned or digital version. For assistance, email

The semester ends with an unveiling ceremony. The SandScript journal is revealed, and the artists and writers share their work with friends and family.

To submit work, go to There you will find the submission forms and guidelines.

Make sure to thoroughly read the guidelines and follow the directions.

To write and create art takes exploration and hard work. To submit to a journal and share your work takes courage. So good luck artists, and into the fray.

Editors note: Danyelle Khmara is the 2015 editor of SandScript.

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