FROM THE EDITOR: Always reach out for the stars


When I am not busy writing, conducting interviews or putting together the newspaper, I am deep in the trenches of the food service industry. I make a lot sandwiches, and I’ve been making sandwiches for a hell of a long time.

Often when I reach up for a rag to wipe the oil and lemon juice from my hands, I wonder if all those voices saying ‘reach for the stars’ ever struggled from the low space under an oven.

It’s easy to forget that humans have proven time and time again that we can soar to great heights. The limitations of the heavens don’t mean we can’t propel ourselves to greater things.

The problem is they don’t always tell us that wishing upon a star doesn’t toss our dreams neatly into our laps. Building a ladder to a better life takes time and practice.

Being a student opens us up to a plethora of opportunities to be seized but they will float away if we don’t figure out to how to catch them. Not much in this world is free and improving your current situation may cost you some work.

The effort is well spent, considering you receive the possibilities of better pay, jobs, health and networking with a bonus treat of fulfillment.

There is no opportunity too small to bear fruit. At Pima Community College, there are a wide range of clubs based around everything from academia to anime. All it takes to expand your knowledge is to attend a meeting.

How is hanging out with strangers going to get you anywhere? You may certainly pick up some new, applicable skills and a compelling complement to your resume. You never know. The people you meet may open up new doors for you.

Internships and volunteering are also wonderful pieces to add to your “best-me-ever toolbox.”

Even if you aren’t getting paid, you are gaining experience that could be the factor determining if you or the other guy gets hired.

Don’t be afraid to take some leaps of faith. You will never know if you don’t try. Trust me, I used to spend a lot of time dangling my feet over the edge, gazing out on my vision of the future too frightened or tired to reach out and take it.

It’s OK if you fall on your face. Dust yourself off and learn to make your landing stronger every time.

It’s true what they say. You can be anything you want to be. But a wish is only a launching point. Take every opportunity you can.

Now you can take the opportunity to enjoy this issue. I just wanted to get one more “opportunity” in there. Even better, that’s two.

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