TOP 10: Obscure songs by well-known artists


Most people alive can sing along to “No Woman No Cry,” but have you ever heard Bob Marley’s lesser-known tracks get radio play?
Many artists are defined by one or two tracks throughout the length of their careers. Here are my choices for the best obscure songs from well-known artists:

10. Lil Wayne:“3 Peat”

He’s arguably the most prolific artist of the current generation. Check out this track off “Tha Carter III” album next time you say that ignorance is a sign of the times.

9. The White Stripes: “Let’s Build a Home”

From their lesser-known “De Stijl” album, this up-tempo garage rock gem can tell you more about yourself after three listens than any therapist could.

8. Sublime: “Rivers of Babylon”

Every prayer you have ever let slip, rolled into one exceptional campfire classic. What would life be worth without that one drunk girl at the party asking you to play it again because she loves Jimmy Buffet?

7. Bob Dylan: “Talkin’ World War III Blues”

In these times, it’s best to remember the classics and how lucky we are to be sharing this earth with each other — and what lengths those in power are willing to go to justify voiding our reality.

6. Queens of the Stone Age: “Better Living Through Chemistry”

It’s a question of dumping it down the drain, or throwing drain cleaner into the next batch. Either way, today’s gonna be different.

5. The Clash: “Jimmy Jazz”

For fans of The Clash, this may come as a slap in the face. For everybody else, this is just another unknown.

4. Dido: “Here with Me”

Maybe you have heard this once or twice, but forgot the content by the time you got to your computer. Powerful emotions from one of the most underrated female performers this century.

3. Jimi Hendrix: “Castles Made of Sand”

How quickly will this virtually unknown song by the guitar god become part of you? Or is it how long until this reminds you of your humanity? Whether answering questions of depth, or questioning deep answers from within, this song has got you covered.

2. Bob Marley: “Work”

Off the “Uprising” album, this bass-led lament will keep you in lighter spirits and help you trudge on through the thickness of your own affliction.

1. Dr. Dre: “Some L.A Niggaz”

Featuring an eclectic cast of West Coast rappers, it’s possibly the best song ever skipped on an album. Dr. Dre delivers without even having to drop a verse. It’s the epitome of gangster rap, featuring everything you love and hate about the genre.

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