THE WORD: Have you been in love? How did you know?

Pg03-Word-Melissa Dormady

“I’ve been in love a few times. I thought that person was amazing, with flaws and everything. I just needed to be with them and didn’t really care about being with anybody else.”

Melissa Dormady
Major: Nursing

Pg03-Word-Yancey Goines

Yes I have. I just think you just kind of do. It’s almost hard to put into words when you’re in love. When you can’t stop yourself from saying it to the other person.”

Yancey Goines
Major: Music

Pg03-Word-Melinda Hill

“I’m engaged to be married, so I am in love. You know how people say that you know, like you have a gut instinct? You have that. Once you meet someone that is just for you, you know.”

Melinda Hill
Major: Nursing

Pg03-Word-Philip Wetherbee

“Yes. I would say when you’re willing to put the well-being of that other person above your own well-being, no matter how much it inconveniences you.”
Philip Wetherbee
Major: Environmental science

Pg03-Word-Stephanie Loreto

“Yes. I know I am in love, because I want to marry this person. I’m engaged to him and I’m gonna move to another country for him. I want to share my life with this person.”

Stephanie Loreto
Major: Fitness

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