Phoenix Fan Fest highlights cosplay

Pg12-Fan Fest superwoman
The inaugural Phoenix Fan Fest embraces cosplayers. Here an attendee is cosplaying the Amazonian warrior princess Wonder Woman. (Aztec photos by Larry Gaurano)


Pg12-Fan Fest hooded guy
Cosplayers often portray characters from popular comics, video games and anime. A cosplayer dressed as Connor from Assassin’s Creed 3 poses for fans.


Comic book conventions, or comicons, are havens for those celebrating their “nerd” side, giving people of all ages a chance to dress as favorite characters.

This past December, the Phoenix Comic-con held its first Fan Fest to focus on those who enjoy cosplay.

All kinds of cosplayers filled aisles in the colossal University of Phoenix stadium, ranging from an 8-foot-tall transformer to a toddler in a red diaper carrying a plastic Spartan sword.

Visitors had opportunities to purchase prints and take photos with their favorite characters. The festival also featured panels on all manner of popular series, anime and fictitious flying broomstick sports that may or may not involve wizards.

Artists brought their “A” game, dragging stuffed portfolio cases full of prints for people to buy. Buttons, magnets, customized beanies, anime figurines and rare video games were also on sale.

The next Phoenix Comicon and Fan Fest will take place  May 28-31.

-By Alex Fruechtenicht

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