‘On-time’ registration awaits


Students at Pima Community College face changes to registration procedures as the college works to improve success rates.

Amended rules regarding registration will require those seeking to attend PCC to have their classes decided before the new semester begins on Jan. 20.

In the past, students have been allowed to register for classes up to the drop deadline, typically a week or two into the semester, without approval from the course instructor or college administration.

The new deadline for the spring semester will be Jan. 19, the day before classes begin.

Students seeking to join a course after the first day of class must get the instructor’s consent.

“You will no longer be able to add classes through MyPima after the start of the semester without faculty permission,” reads a registration FAQ posted on the college’s website.

The reason for the new rules, according to the faculty group that spearheaded the change, is to increase student success rates.

“By being able to confer with the student on an individual basis, the instructor will be able to better recommend a course to the student, given the student’s particular aptitude,” the On-Time Registration Faculty Senate work group wrote in an Aztec Press guest commentary in May.

PCC and Faculty Senate have cited studies suggesting that students who join a class after the first week have lower chances of earning credit for the course.

According to the college, an increased number of late-start classes, including 5-week, 8-week and 14-week courses, will be offered next semester.

The courses are designed to help ensure students are able to enroll in their desired classes.

“Late-start options allow students the flexibility of registering into courses later, when needed, but without the downside of missing initial lessons in the course–lessons that are most often crucial to student success,” the faculty group said.

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