Editor’s note: Students in a WRT 70 class used Issue 6 (Nov. 13-26) to provide the following feedback.

RE: ‘Offer online winter classes’

I totally agree with the Aztec Press editorial stance that Pima Community College should not cancel winter break classes.

Editor-in-chief Andrew Paxton says Pima’s reasoning for eliminating the classes are the expense of keeping the college open for a limited number students and that the classes don’t contribute to the student success rate. Those arguments are a stretch.

For personal reasons, I am on a deadline for completing my studies at Pima. By taking classes during winter break, it would accelerate my time at Pima and allow me to focus on the things that help me meet my goals.

Wanting to hold down costs is understandable, especially since Pima faces financial issues. Serving students should trump that questionable cost-cutting measure when other options are available. Instead of running Pima like a business, student needs should take priority.

Katelyn Young


Re: ‘Offer online winter classes’

Editor-in-Chief Andrew Paxton says the college should reconsider its cancellation of winter classes. I disagree.

Classes would be so much harder for students to deal with because of the holiday pressure. The college would also lose money, because it does not have a very good success rate, and the college would be just paying professors for failing students.

Doing the online classes would also be hard, because students have to find time to do the work, and many college kids these days are pretty lazy.

It would also be hard for those who work. They might spend two hours on school, then five to eight hours at work, then come home and do some more schooling, and then on top of all that, they have to help with the holidays and family coming in from out of town.

Hardworking, stressed college students need to just kick back and relax during the breaks.

Nick Laughlin


RE: ‘The Word: Who would you gay marry?’

I am disappointed with the question that you chose to post in this article. As a person of the LGBTQ community, I find this article disappointing. It seems to me that you think that gay marriage is a joke.

I wish that people would just understand that all people, no matter their sexual preference, deserve to be treated with respect. People’s feeling should be considered more before posting. Think about how the other person would feel and not yourself. Gays are human, too.

Maria Grey


RE: ‘Where’s my Disney Latina doll?’

The column by Mariana Ceja was about why Disney doesn’t have a main Latina princess star, while other ethnicities do have princesses. At the end she said, “I am not asking for nine Hispanic princesses, just one that looks like me.” I agree.

As a child I remember watching cartoons that had different ethnicities, but I never saw one who looks like me: A Native American with brown skin. When I did see a Native American in a cartoon, he would have long hair, light red skin, and a bow and arrow.

I would get excited because I hardly saw Native Americans in cartoons. When I was in elementary school, kids would ask me questions because I’m Native American. They would ask me, “Where’s your pony tail?” or “Will you harm us with your bow and arrow?”

As I grow up, I now realize Native Americans don’t act the same as in cartoons, and all Native Americans are different.

My point is a company like Disney doesn’t care how real Hispanic, Native American or any other ethnicities look and act like. All they care about is making money, and for that younger children get the wrong impression about ethnicities around the world.

Dewey Francisco


RE: ‘Justice Department sues PCC’

I have felt a deep sadness that a man who has served this country is denied a promotion due to said services. In short, this is discrimination.

I don’t really agree with denial of promotion and discrimination. I feel like Timothy Stoner should have been given the chance or right to be able to do this job.

Dashawn Reynolds


RE: ‘Justice Department sues PCC’

I have a family member who has served in the military, and I am sure that he has never been denied to apply for any positions. It is wrong to deny a fellow officer a promotion to become a police corporal. Officer Timothy Stoner’s rights were violated.

It’s like the chief of police had some sort of grudge against military personnel. She made rude remarks against Officer Stoner and the military, saying that military people are not capable of handling stress.

I agree with Officer Stoner’s remarks that military people are trained to deal and think quickly in stressful situations. To deny an Army/on-duty officer a promotion sounds really discriminatory.

Manuel Mendoza


Re: ‘Pima programs educate 600+ refugees annually’

I have read the recent article about the number of refugees attending classes at the El Rio Learning Center. I was surprised that only 600 refugees are in talking, reading and writing classes. I am concerned that this is a low number of refugees when in fact there are many more than that in the Tucson community.

I certainly appreciate the kind words about the refugees gaining an opportunity for an education. However, I urge you to find more resources to include more refugees in the Pima Community College system. Finally, I recommend larger outreach to Tucson’s refugee community.

Abdelrahman Fadou

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