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Now that we’re well into December, I find myself questioning the true meaning of the holiday season. Have we forgotten what this time of year is really all about?

As a society, we focus our attention on the value of the presents surrounding the holiday season, rather than the importance of the people we celebrate with.

The magic that once filled the air on the days leading up to Christmas morning has been lost somewhere along the way of swiping credit cards and wrapping extravagant, unnecessary gifts.

Remember when we looked forward to spending these days with the people we loved most, while unapologetically stuffing our faces with the best food the year had to offer? Why is it that these things no longer hold value?

We’ve become so lost in trying to buy each other perfect gifts that we’ve forgotten the presence of one another.

One of my favorite holiday movies, “Elf,” is a perfect example of this magic. Without a belief in Christmas, Santa can’t deliver presents to the millions of children waiting on him.

“The best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear.”- Buddy the Elf

Although it might seem rather silly to compare real life to a fictional character like Buddy the Elf, this kind of excitement should bring us back to a simpler reality.

The simplest of times, like when my brothers and I would try to catch Santa coming through the chimney on Christmas Eve. The color of flashing lights that lit up our faces while we sat in front of the fireplace, drinking hot chocolate.

Every moment we spent next to each other was precious.

These types of moments should take precedence. Years from now, when we look back, we’ll remember those times together and forget about presents wrapped in shiny paper.

Instead of focusing on the materialistic side of the holiday season, let’s spotlight various activities that don’t include a price tag. Here are a few of my favorites:

• Cuddling on cold nights.
• Baking cookies while blasting holiday tunes.
• Watching 24 hours of “A Christmas Story.”

We need to stop living in a materialistic world that only provides us with mounds of stress and debt.

Let’s start living in a world filled with the love and laughter of families that simply enjoy spending the holidays together.

Knutzen wants everyone to remember the excitement they once felt about the holidays and appreciate the magic of family, friends and food.

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