Athletic Voice: Try my sparkle ‘sports’


There is much to be said about an athlete’s sweat-soaked fight for victory. Getting dirty in a game is a nod to humans’ primal nature.

But who says your sports can’t have a little sparkle? I want my no-pain, no-gain to have a metaphorical little bow, and I’m not going to wear cleats.

Before you roll your basketball in glitter paint, I’ll let you in on three of my favorite “non-sports.” They’ll make you feel good without messing up your hair.

Extreme shopping

Shopping isn’t technically a sport but no one can tell me it’s not a physical activity. You are walking while you are browsing, which we know burns calories.

Push yourself to lift every item that grabs your attention. Consider that stack of clothes as weights pumping you to bigger muscles.

Turn up the heat by making a thrift store your impromptu gym. You’ll spend more calorie-burning time searching for cute items.

Challenge yourself to try on everything you like. Taking clothes off, putting them back on and checking all angles in the mirror must burn some calories.


Cycling is undeniably physical. That doesn’t mean you need to strap on Spandex or a mountain biking helmet. Just cruise.

Ladies, you can wrap your hair in a cute, retro scarf to maintain your do.

This relatively easy physical activity can improve your overall health. On top of that, you can travel to all the fabulous things you do in an eco-friendly way.

There are some pretty styling bikes on the market and you can always add some personal flair.

Hula hooping

My favorite physical activity is an extension of dance, a wonderful workout in itself. Hula hooping ain’t just the thing your grandma did for fun. Hooping has become a fad in the world of self-improvement.

With a little practice and hitting yourself in the face a significant number of times, you can learn tons of tricks. You’ll look super graceful without working up too much of a sweat.

If you’re unconvinced of the health benefits, or maybe just think hula hooping is too “girly,” consider this. Legendary basketball player Shaquille O’Neal is a self-proclaimed “hooper” and narrates a documentary titled “The Hooping Life.”

You might need to be a jock to conquer traditional sports but it’s not required for having some fun while bettering your body.

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