THE WORD: Who would you gay marry?



Pg03-Word-Savannah Thomas











“If I was gay, I would marry a celebrity. I would say Shakira. She has a nice body, she is toned and she is pretty attractive.”

Savannah Thomas

Major: Veterinarian assistant


Pg03-Word-Taylor Mantyre











“I would marry my best friend because we get along awesomely and that is one of the things I would prefer to have in a relationship with somebody, a personality I can get along with, and she is pretty.” 

Taylor McIntyre

Major: Respiratory therapy


Pg03-Word-Michael Rivera











“To marry somebody requires a lot of time and thinking and I just don’t want to marry somebody out of the wind. I could tell you who I would go after, James Franco, Channing Tatum, all the usuals, but there is also Larry David, whom I find very intriguing.”

Michael Rivera

Major: Abnormal psychiatry


Pg03-Word-Charlie Groff











“I don’t know if you are into YouTube or not but there is this guy, Markiplier. He does a lot of charity stuff and he is just a sweetheart. He is super adorable.” 

Charly Groff

Major: Undecided


Pg03-Word-Wilder Black











“Jack Black, porque él es chignon (because he is majestic.)” 

Wilder Black

Major: Undecided

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