Strive to remember real meaning of life


As a modern society, we are busy navigating through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or the latest Kim Kardashian nude pictures. We’re thinking about our next big purchases and considering buying the latest iPhone.

As a young woman, I can shamelessly admit that I own 42 pairs of shoes. I only wear about 10 pairs. The rest are just dust collectors inside my closet.

We have become such a materialist society that we sometimes forget about the real meaning of life.

Subconsciously, we believe that everyone in the world is the same as us.

We forget about people on the street who won’t have a blanket to cover themselves from the cold this winter season.

We forget about the precious sound of a baby’s cry, the patience and love with which an older person narrates a childhood memory.

We forget about children who live in orphanages or foster homes, praying day by day to get adopted.

We forget about animals mistreated at zoos, about people with terminal diseases, about children in Africa dying of hunger and AIDS.

We forget about people who are kidnapped and the horrible conditions in which they survive, about the worries of their family members.

We forget about prisoners doing life sentences, and the non-guilty who serve sentences as well, due to unfair trials or corrupt governments.

We forget there are people in underdeveloped countries who live in houses made from cardboard boxes.

We forget about immigrants who leave everything behind, risking their lives through sometimes fatal conditions in search of a better future.

We forget there is life outside the United States.

Our biggest problem is that our iPhone battery died and now we won’t be able to post on Instagram a picture of our favorite Triple, Venti, Half Sweet, Non-Fat, Caramel Macchiato. What a waste!

Seriously? All I am saying is, look up. Put away your phone for five minutes and take a deep breath. Feel the fresh air running through your nostrils and the warming sun kissing your skin. Smile.

Re-evaluate yourself. Dream again. Think of your long-term goals, and write down simpler strategies to accomplish them with daily actions.

Travel, try new food, meet new people.

Learn a second language and experience new cultures. Go hiking, and connect your soul and spirit with nature. Get involved in an issue you feel strongly about.

Listen to both sides of the story. Ask questions and make informed decisions. Always strive for education, because that is the only tool that can set you free.

Ceja hopes disinterest in the outside world is due to lack of knowledge. She wishes to become a connector who helps bridge the gap.


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