Is Black Friday worth the cost?


Black Friday has changed the way we look at the end of November.

After giving thanks and stuffing our faces on Thanksgiving Thursday, many of us will give our money to cashiers early on Friday morning.

Last year, I waited in the cold outside a GameStop for more than six hours to get a PlayStation 4 that was sold out everywhere else. When the door opened and I was first in line to pick it up, all those hours paid off.

Everyone in line was calm about waiting for the neon lights to glow red. It was surreal to think that in other places within a few miles, people would be pushing and shoving over marked-down items.

That fact made me look at how consumerist we have become. I realized that most people don’t look forward to Thanksgiving as much as they do Black Friday.

They anticipate deals on a new television or toys for their kids. The inner consumer inside all of us rips other people out of the way to grab a toaster with an egg attachment for nine bucks less than normal.

We’ve all seen the videos online. People will and have trampled fellow humans in past years. Sickeningly, some people died.

That has made many people, including me, think twice about going out to shop for the holidays. We’re actually afraid we will get hurt.

A few years ago, I went with family to Walmart on Black Friday. We passed a huge crowd surrounding a gigantic stack of Blu-ray players. The crowd went wild as soon as a worker said the deal was live. Chaos ensued, to say the least.

I remember wondering if saving a few bucks was worth being trampled. I still wonder that.

It would be hypocritical for me to tell you not to go out on Black Friday to shop these deals, because I can’t in all honesty say I wouldn’t myself. I plan to spend this year’s shopping day at home online, but your plans might send you out into the battle royale.

If you do go out, just make sure you and your loved ones keep each other safe. A few dollars isn’t worth getting hurt over.

Fruechtenicht is a veteran of many Black Friday outings and knows the true horror of fighting someone over video games.

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