‘Wait Until Dark’ ends Nov. 8


Arizona Theatre Company will showcase the classic thriller “Wait Until Dark” through Nov. 8 at Temple of Music and Art, 330 S. Scott Ave.

The play, a 1966 Broadway hit and a 1967 Oscar-nominated movie starring Audrey Hepburn and Alan Arkin, pits a con man against a young blind woman.

ATC artistic director David Ira Goldstein oversees the local production.

“In ‘Wait Until Dark,’ we have a woman in peril, the sudden importance of a mundane prop and the use of a McGuffin, all Hitchcockian tropes that work on us in a psychologically insinuating way,” Goldstein said.

Jeffrey Hatcher has adapted the original script by Frederick Knott, moving the setting from the 1960s to 1944.

Goldstein said Hatcher also boiled down the language into the terse, lean dialogue of period films from that era.

The play is about darkness and light, and makes use of shadows that people associate with film noir and classic Hollywood movies, he added.

“It gave my marvelous design team and actors wonderful opportunities,” he said.

Brook Parks, who plays the blind woman, described the role as a very challenging yet thrilling experience.

She said she’s a fan of the 1960s movie but considers the Arizona Theatre Company production an entirely new version.

Tickets start at $37, with discounts available for seniors and active military.

For more information, visit arizonatheatre.org. For tickets, call 622-2823.

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