Movie prices too high

By Alex Fruechtenicht

Going to the movie theater nowadays is really expensive, there’s no denying that. Times have changed and with that, so has the cost of a movie ticket.

If you want to see a movie at Park Place Mall on a Friday night, it’s going to cost you $12.75 per ticket. If you go with a significant other, it’ll cost more than $25. That’s before you even head to the auditorium.

The concession stand can jump your expenses even higher, with a large drink costing nearly $6. I’d suggest you avoid it by bringing in your own snacks and drinks, but movie theaters don’t allow patrons to bring in anything they can get at the concession stand.

Of course, many people sneak in outside snacks or bottled drinks via backpack or purse. Let’s face it, with the high prices driving most of us away, we’ve all done that at some point.

After doing some research, I found out that most theaters only get around 10 to 25 percent of profit from a normal movie ticket. The remaining 75 to 90 percent goes to movie studios, the actors, etc.

Movie theaters really get their profit from the concession stand, selling overpriced soda and boxes of candy.

Now, I understand theaters have to make a profit. But why should it be at the concession stand? Why not have more arcade machines or something that could provide entertainment before going into the auditorium?

I’m not just bashing on the theaters, though movies themselves expect too much of a return. When one movie does exceptionally well at the box office, other film studios expect their movies to do just as well.

It’s not all bad however. Theaters like Century 20 at Park Place Mall have discount days for students and seniors. Seeing a movie on Tuesday will only cost you a very fair $5.25 per ticket.

Since it’s all I can afford, I am only able to go to the movies once or twice a month.

If theaters offered the Tuesday discount day every weekday before 7 p.m., I think people, myself included, would be willing to go more often.

Fruechtenicht is a film buff who watches movies new, old or in-between and talks about them on his YouTube show, “Coffee Table Zeroes.”

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Alex Fruechtenicht

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