FROM THE EDITOR: Shining a light in dark places


This semester, Aztec Press has embarked on several in-depth investigative reporting adventures in an attempt to take you, the reader, to places you may have never been or to help you see things differently than you did before.

From the VIP rooms of well-known adult establishments to the struggle adjunct faculty members endure just to teach, this paper has endeavored to challenge the way our readers look at the world around them.

Why, you may ask? Because it’s our job.

It is our responsibility as journalists to hold up a mirror to society and ask, “Is this what we want? Is this who we are?”

The British publisher Lord Northcliffe once said, “News is what someone wants suppressed. Everything else is just advertising.”

Yes, we publicize events taking place on campus or around the Old Pueblo, and catch you up on sports action from Pima Community College’s many talented teams. But when we have the chance to scratch below the surface, we relish the opportunity to dig deep.

So rarely do people get to go beyond the inch-deep, headline driven, 140-character limit of today’s modern “news” that it almost seems counter-intuitive to look closer and truly understand the world we live in.

In an age when people post “too long, didn’t read” before criticizing a story, is there any hope of someone taking time to digest and appreciate a 2,000 word article, no matter how well-researched and delivered?

Our belief is a resounding “Yes.”

That’s why we will continue to print hard-hitting pieces that might make a few people uncomfortable. With complacency comes a stagnation of ideas, and we seek to be a forum for the bold, to challenge the status quo.

Before the semester’s end, the paper will feature more such stories, including an upcoming piece on gay marriage and a look into the difficulties and opportunities encountered by older students and students from other countries.

Writing these in-depth stories is no easy task, requiring student-journalists to invest hours of research, interviews, writing and editing while also balancing other classes, work, family and personal lives.

And why?

All for you, dear reader. To ensure your paper offers unique, original reporting that deals with issues that impact all of us.

Anything less would be a dereliction of our duty as journalists.

Enjoy the issue.


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