Cabaret ad doesn’t offend me

We see or hear references about sex more and more these days, whether it’s on TV or in print or in the lyrics of a song.

Recent issues of the Aztec Press have included an ad for Eden Adult Cabaret, looking for women 18 years and older who are seeking work.

The ad features a young woman from the side who is wearing a cowboy outfit with ass-less chaps. I don’t see a problem with the ad, or the fact that it runs in a newspaper whose audience is geared toward people ages 18 to 28.

Everyone has the right to post ads in any which way they please, and people always say that sex appeal sells.

I don’t think the ad degrades women in any way.

Women can work at whatever job they choose. You don’t see people forcing young girls off the streets to become strippers. Those women have made a personal choice.

Many of them use their income from dancing to make enough money to support their families or pay their rent or put themselves through college.

Don’t get me wrong, I do see the other side of this topic.

Maybe it wasn’t the right spot for that kind of ad or maybe we shouldn’t target younger women

Maybe it can be taken as a degrading picture or offensive in some way.

But we have to remember how far women have come to speak for themselves.

If women are unhappy in a situation or choose not to do something, they have the ability to stop or quit.

No one is holding them at gunpoint, saying they have to grow up to be strippers.

A job is a job at this point in the economy. If it’s paying your bills, what is so wrong with it?

These women aren’t doing anything more than dancing for a few dollars. It isn’t a brothel.

Next time you are tempted to judge someone’s job, remember that they have to survive on some sort of income.

Whether it’s being a female dancer or picking up trashcans, they need money to pay the bills.

Maese believes that women can stand up for themselves and make their own choices in life.

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Jamie Maese

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