A tale of a violent ghost


Ghosts or apparitions that act out violently in the spectrum of paranormal investigations are said to be rare.

Even poltergeists, which are described as the most vocal and physical, are not usually known for showing violent strength.

Many religions describe violent paranormal encounters and have different names to explain the same thing.

The Quran makes references to the Jinn, who are supernatural beings that live untethered to the world. They can possess humans and are said to be the cause of many accidents or disease.

Christianity and Catholicism would describe the anomaly as a demon.

A student at Pima Community College recounted his encounter with a violent anomaly. He asked to remain anonymous.

He was in the middle of his first semester of college and poor planning landed him in an early class.

“As soon as I would come home, I would just crash and go to sleep,” the student said.

The afternoon before the incident, he took a longer nap then expected and woke up in the middle of the night. After doing homework, he decided to get some rest before his morning class.

“It’s probably like one in the morning already and I’ve got to try to get some sleep,” he said.

All the lights were off as he looked at his alarm clock, tossing and turning, trying to fall asleep.

That is when he was attacked.

“I felt him when he came onto the bed because the entire bed compressed,” he said. “He had me pinned down, he had his knee in my back and he was holding down my arms.”

He said he did not hear the attacker enter. He tried to struggle his way out of the hold, but the invader was significantly stronger.

“It’s weird because I was just a couple months removed from high school and in high school I played football and I was really strong,” he said. “And I’m like, ‘This guy is massive.’”

At that point, the assailant put his hand over his mouth. His struggle escalated.

He was unable to scream, as the attacker started to choke him.

“The thought that crossed my mind was, ‘Is this really how I’m going to die?’” he said.

“Finally, as I kept wiggling around, I drew a little bit of breath and I had the faintest ‘help,’” he said. “And finally he let go of me.”

Immediately after his attacker ceased, he sprang up to face him, but no one was there. He assumed his attacker ran and he grabbed a golf club and gave chase.

“I looked for him and he’s not there,” he said. “Doors are locked and everything, and I’m looking under the bed.”

After searching his apartment, he laughed and decided it was only a nightmare.

“As I approach the bedroom I start hearing a ringing in my ears,” he said.

He decided to go for a walk to calm down. As he got ready, he said the ringing got louder and higher.

“I don’t know what it was, but I was thrown against the wall,” he said. “I was pinned against the wall by my neck.”

He said he struggled to break free but his arms and legs were pinned to the wall as well. About 10 seconds went by before the attack stopped. He dropped to the floor.

“I was just like, ‘I got to get the hell out of here,’” he said. “I grabbed my car keys and ran to the door and the entire time that hum is loud. It’s deafening.”

He turned the doorknob, but wasn’t able to pry the door open.

“At this point I’m freaking out, I’m crying,” he said.

He began to plead with his unknown attacker.

“‘Please let me out, please let me out, please let me go, please,’” he said. “When I tried the door for about the 20th time, it just springs open and I fly back.”

He sprinted out the door to his car and made a two-hour drive to his parent’s house.

“I’m crying the entire time, and I can’t stop looking in my rear view mirror, just checking my back seats,” he said.

Later, he went back to his apartment to collect his things and move into a hotel temporarily. That is when he discovered his apartment was ransacked, but nothing was taken.

The apartment manager did not charge him for breaking the lease.

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