From the Editor: Time management key to success


Whether you are a first-time college student or returning for another semester at Pima Community College as a scholar or instructor, it can be difficult getting back into the schedule of life on campus.

We fall into a summer routine that can be difficult to break, and before you know it, assignments start piling up. Where does the time go, anyway?

Management of this finite resource is what separates the successful from those that can never seem to get ahead. We all have 84,000 seconds each day, and how we use them determines everything from our happiness to our bank balance.

If you’re anything like me, you might wait until the last minute to read those five chapters, write that 2,000-word paper or complete that math module. Maybe you even spend time after midnight, in bed, tapping away at your tablet instead of getting a good night’s sleep.

Some of us swear that our best work is done under pressure. As someone who claims to put the “pro” in “procrastinate,” I often feel that the cracking whip of a looming deadline is the only way to get properly motivated.

But even the best time-wasters know deep inside that if they had just had a little more time to review, revise and retool their work, the end result would have been even better than the product that resulted from a late-night, caffeine-fueled frenzy.

Alas, how to slay the procrastination beast? Many books and essays have been written, experts have expounded, searching for a solution.

There is no easy answer.

Like any habit-changing attempt, whether it’s quitting smoking, eating better or using time more efficiently, you need a system that actually works for you.

Make a schedule and stick to it. Set early deadlines for yourself. Have a study partner who will hound you to finish your work or keep to your plans, and do the same for them. Just find something that makes sense to you.

The alternative is always feeling rushed, never having enough time to do the things you want to do. Stressed. Tired.

By making the most of every minute available, we will have more chances to enjoy life instead of struggling to find time to achieve our goals.

But for now, relax, and enjoy the issue. There’s plenty of time for work later.


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