ATHLETIC VOICE: Aztecs need a mascot


Every sports team needs fans to cheer them on during games. Even the most recent Super Bowl champions, the Seattle Seahawks, use the crowd as a “12th man.” That shows just how important fan support can be. With that being said, why does Pima Community College not have a mascot to cheer players on during games?

Anyone who has attended a sporting event with mascots knows how they can affect the crowd by leading them in cheers of support for their team. A mascot plays a unique role in any sporting event and provides a more exciting and immersive experience for fans. Mascots interact with and entertain fans, and bring a fun and sometimes hilarious spirit to the event. A mascot would be a good step forward in promoting school athletics and pride, which is something that could benefit PCC immensely.

A more enjoyable sporting event could be very beneficial in bringing a stronger connection between students and athletics.

Sporting events are meant to be fun, so why not add to that experience in any way possible? Participation in school activities should be encouraged by students and faculty alike to create the best possible environment for everyone. All it takes is one person passionate about the subject to get a program started. The PCC cheer program is very accepting of the idea and are currently looking for a way to incorporate a mascot into their program.

The cheer team scheduled tryouts on Sept. 4 from noon to 5 p.m. inside the West Campus gymnasium. If you are interested in the cheer program, call the Student Life office at 206-6742. If you are interested specifically in being a mascot, don’t be afraid to ask the cheer club sponsors about it.

Having more people interested and asking will only add to the possibility of getting one. Regardless of the status of a mascot, a larger fan base would also go a long way in creating the best possible experience for PCC athletics. No matter why you are attending PCC, a more exciting and unified campus experience is in the best interest of everyone. Getting involved in any way will help provide that experience to everyone attending and hopefully better your time spent as an Aztec.


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