‘Let’s Be Cops’ offers new roles for acting duo


A new feature film, “Let’s Be Cops” starring actors Jake Johnson and Damon Wayans Jr. from Fox’s hit show “New Girl” will be released on Aug 13.

The movie is about two cop friends except for one thing: they’re not cops. When the two friends start impersonating the law they become popular with the people around them. Soon these two “cops” start to get into trouble with real-life crime and must put their fake badges on the line.

Johnson who has also starred in movies such as “21 Jump Street,” “Safety Not Guaranteed,” and “Drinking Buddies” and Wayans, the son of famed actor Damon Wayans, has also starred in movies such as “The Other Guys” and “Marmaduke”.

I had the outstanding opportunity to meet both Johnson and Wayans for their meet/greet and private viewing of their up incoming movie “Let’s Be Cops” at Arizona State University Downtown Phoenix campus where they took pictures with the fans.

They also set aside time for me to ask them a few questions about their film, their acting aspirations and future projects. During the interview, both were very easy to talk to and very descriptive in their answers.

It’s about two guys who are unhappy with where their life is going, so they dress up as cops and then start to get the attention and affection that they wanted,” said Johnson. “Then they keep doing it and soon they get themselves into trouble.”

Both Johnson and Wayans want their movie to have a positive reaction, and that they want the audience to feel like they didn’t waste their time. They also want the audience to leave the movie feeling satisfied with what they were watching.

In “New Girl,” Johnson stars as Nick Miller and Wayans stars as the character Coach. Johnson said that the transition from their show “New Girl” to this movie was very different, stating that this movie is rated R and there’s action in this film.

The characters are also completely different from Coach and Nick,” said Wayans.

Johnson also added that with filming TV, the scheduling is way longer and the tone is very different, because the TV show is essentially rated PG-13.

It’s also shorter time scheduling wise too. Television is like, you shoot from August to March; and the movie we shot in 42 days from May to July,” said Wayans.

Both actors agrees that their chemistry helps make the film more entertaining.

Definitely, we kind of know each other’s sense of humor and know how to act around each other,” said Wayans.

They both have the same acting inspirations, which include Will Ferrell, Chris Farley and Bill Murray.

After filming “Let’s Be Cops,” they both got more roles in other movies that they’ll soon be promoting.

Just got done doing a movie called ‘Digging for Fire,’ directed by Joe Swanberg, that I’m really excited about,” said Johnson.

Wayans said that he was doing a Disney movie from the makers of “Frozen” and “Tangled” that is coming out in November.

Arts and Entertainment editor Katie Stewart takes a break from interviewing Jake Johnson, right, and Damon Wayans Jr. to pose with the stars of the upcoming film “Let’s Be Cops,” in theaters Aug. 13.


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