TOP 10: Local bands to check out this summer


It is going to be a hot one this summer. Chances are we all began preparing for the heat wave months ago but now let’s just let the sweat flow. Hit the dance floor with these must-see local bands:


10. The Electric Blankets

These guys are a favorite group of drinking buddies downtown. With a, “this one’s on us” vibe, their catchy surf-and-pop infused rock gets locals bouncing like their bare feet have hit hot desert pavement.


9. Acorn Bcorn

The two sisters of Acorn Bcorn play a guitar, and bass, and alternate on the percussion. They make it look easy but achieving sound so rich but minimal involves some real musicality.


8. Mission Creeps

With their unique goth blend of ghoulish surf rock, rockabilly, punk and new wave, this three-piece band leaves every audience haunted.


7. The Swigs

Want to revisit the ‘70s, when rock stars ruled the world? The Swigs summon the raw power of classic rock to the stage every time.


6. The Resonars

It makes sense that the retro-inspired psychedelic rock of The Resonars has remained popular with locals since the late ‘90s. The group captures a hint of mysticism in their blend of pop harmonies.


5. Lenguas Largas

Desert dudes came together and created a dreamy expanse of intricate lo-fi. They take fuzzy garage rock and deliver it with a quirky, punk sensibility.


4. Tom Walbank

One charming man armed with a guitar, harmonica and blues voice is Tucson’s own Muddy Waters incarnate. Walbank is a link to music’s past, covering some of the most respected blues artists with ease.


3. Al Perry

Renowned guitarist and vocalist Al Perry has left an eclectic mark on Tucson’s music scene since he first arrived in the late ‘70s. The veteran musician delivers a variety of genres with a distinct identity.


2. Sergio Mendoza Y La Orkesta

One of the country’s most impressive Latin music groups now calls our city home and weaves our cultural history into its sizzling dance numbers. Multi-talented musician Sergio Mendoza leads an up to 19-member band in a contemporary evolution of mambo, cumbia, mariachi and rock. Whatever the genre, La Orkesta always provides vibrant energy.


1. Calexico

This group is one of our bragging rights. They have reached wide success with an indie conjuring of Americana, folk, country and Latin music.

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