THE WORD: Where’s your dream vacation?


Interviews and photos by Ebony Stoglin at Desert Vista Campus

 Pg03-Word-Alejandra Flores

“Brazil. I think the culture is really beautiful.”

Alejandra Flores

Major: Nursing

Pg03-Word-Michael Larson

“Probably Germany. I grew up there and I haven’t been there in a while.”

Michael Larsen

Major: Nursing

Pg03-Word-Marissa Amezcua

“I’d go to Hawaii. I have a cousin that lives over there and I haven’t seen him since we were kids. I also love the beach!”

Marissa Amezcua

Major: Dental Assistant

Pg03-Word-Andy Recinos

“Rome. It has a lot of cool sights and the architecture is amazing.”

Andy Recinos

Major: Biology

Pg03-Word-Daver Salazar

“Probably to the Himalayas. I’ve never been there and I like nature.”

Daver Salazar

Major: Aviation Management

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