PCC veteran enrollment sanctions lifted


The state has lifted enrollment sanctions on Pima Community College, allowing the college to enroll Veterans Benefit recipients once again.

During a May 20 visit, representatives of the Arizona Department of Veterans’ Services found that PCC is “fully in compliance” with regulations and will allow the college to enroll veterans for the summer and fall semesters.

On March 18, PCC received a letter from the Arizona Veterans Education & Training Approving Agency informing the college that enrollment for recipients of veteran’s benefits would be suspended.

The letter cited multiple deficiencies in record keeping for veteran enrollment and degree progress.

The VETAA allowed the college 30 days to develop an action plan and another 30 days to implement it.

Pima veteran services specialist Gary Parker oversaw a team of three other specialists and more than 40 other Pima employees as they reviewed more than 3,100 student-veteran files to correct the problems found by the VETAA.

“It was very impressive to see firsthand the enormous progress your staff has made,” wrote April Monthie, senior veterans’ education and training specialist from VETAA, in a letter to Chancellor Lee Lambert. “It represents a huge commitment on the staff’s and your part.”

Lambert acknowledged the importance of serving veterans in a recent blog post.

“The college owes its student-veterans the best possible programs and services as they transition back to civilian life,” Lambert wrote. “Thanks to our dedicated employees, we have taken a big step toward achieving that worthy goal.”


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