‘Dead Meat’ premieres May 19-20


A sleepy western town occupied by colorful characters is shaken from its slumber when a stranger appears and a curse wreaks destruction.

This is the premise of “Dead Meat,” a gore-filled tale just wrapped by Pima Community College advanced cinematography students.

The horror-western will premiere during free screenings May 19-20 at 7 p.m. at the Proscenium Theatre in the West Campus Center for the Arts.

The screenings will also include film and video work from students in PCC’s beginning and advanced digital arts classes, with a different program each night. Raffles will also be held.

PCC students shot and edited “Dead Meat” over two semesters, led by veteran film instructor David Wing. Digital arts student Jet Guido wrote and directed the movie.

A student crew spent four days last semester shooting footage at a movie set and tourist attraction near Bisbee called Gammons Gulch.

After a turbulent day or two, Guido said the film crew pulled themselves together and learned to work as a team.

“I was wary about how the film would turn out, especially after how the second day of filming went,” Guido said. “After watching the final cut, I’m happy to see how it ended up.”

Guido attributes much of the success to the crew and to Aaron Lochert, who was director of photography last semester and editing supervisor this semester.

“I worked with a great group of people who were dedicated to solving problems on the fly,” Guido said. “Aaron had a heavy hand in the shooting and editing. He did an outstanding job.”

Lochert said his job this semester essentially involved overseeing teams of editors.

“I worked closely with the director to see that his vision was carried out,” he said.

Lochert also handled visual effects and color.

“As far as VFX goes, I composited muzzle flares, smoke and blood elements so that gun shots look and feel real,” Lochert said.

Despite being low-budget, “Dead Meat” promises to strike the audience with fear. The film contains adult content and language.

Pg11-Dead Meat movie
“Dead Meat” actors Bob Flyzic (bartender) and William Killian (Toots) chat at a small-town saloon. (Photo by David Wing)


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