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Move over Vyvanse, there’s a new supplement on the block: prescription-less Study Buddy.

Most college students have heard of “smart drugs” like Adderall, Vyvanse and Focalin used as study aids. A prescription by a medical professional is required, since the controlled substances are commonly used for ADHD patients.

College students have found loopholes by illicitly purchasing from friends who have a prescription. Come finals week, these drugs become worth their weight in gold to students, and their black market value increases.

This is hardly new, according to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Service Administration, which conducted a 2008 survey that found 1 in 4 students used prescription stimulants at least once.

As these medications are a somewhat recent development, their extensive side effects remain to be fully determined.

The brief benefits of deep focus and alertness can be outweighed by the costs of acquiring a dependence or damaging alterations of the brain. Maybe they are diminishing natural focus rather than acutely honing it?

Even though you may be learning semester’s worth of psychology in a single night, it can come at an exhaustive price.

Many people use stimulants on a daily basis. If you wake up to a venti cup of Starbucks or an energy drink in the morning, caffeine, guanine, taurine and other enhancers are the true culprits. If you’ve ever imagined a pill “pick me up,” Study Buddy is just that.

The key behind Study Buddy is gaining focus without side effects because it’s derived from herbal-based ingredients. It also contains caffeine as well, something to remember when combining with coffee or energy drinks.

Study Buddy is available at Pima Community College bookstores, the U-Mart in the University of Arizona student union, and many local convenience stores.

A pack of two pills runs $3, a bargain in comparison to prices for illicit prescription drugs. For daily users, or finals week, Study Buddy packs are also sold in bulk online.

Pg12-Study Buddy
Study Buddy offers a non-prescription alternative. (Jay Becker-Norman/Aztec Press)

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