THE WORD: Favorite Tucson activity?

Photos and interviews by Jennifer Graham on West Campus


Pg03-Word-Alex Romo

“Tucson Meet Yourself, and the biking trails are always nice.”

Alex Romo
Major: Pre-med



Pg03-Word-Antonia Morado


“I like to go down Fourth Avenue, just like to walk
up and down.”

Antonia Morado
Major: Education



Pg03-Word-Derrick Helton


“Play sports, wheelchair rugby. It’s stress relief and fun to hang out with the crew.”

Derrick Helton
Major: Agriculture and Biosystems Engineering



Pg03-Word-Richard Larkin


“Save up to leave Tucson, probably California or Colorado. Somewhere with a good
art school.”

Richard Larkin
Major: Game Design



Pg03-Word-Chantel Romero


“Go to Starbucks to chat with friends and drink coffee.”

Chantel Romero
Major: Nursing

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