Campus janitors deserve more respect


If you have ever walked through your school or college and wondered how it stays so clean, you should thank the janitors and maintenance workers.

Being a janitor is not glamorous, but it’s honest work. If you enjoy having things clean, you should appreciate these unsung heroes.

Of course, appreciating janitors and maintenance workers depends on how you look at it.

My dad has been a janitor at an elementary school in a small town for 13 years and he’s enjoyed it for the most part. My dad does it all: fix, move or put together anything. I’m not exaggerating.

Being a janitor at a school where the students are wilder, like a high school, can be tougher. Teenagers can be such jerks.

I remember feeling so bad for the janitors in my high school because they had to clean the intentionally messed up bathrooms, unclog the toilets and clean the mirrors.

Looking back, the janitors at my high school were always the ones getting excited about the football and basketball games. They would shake your hand like they were your best friend. It broke my heart when people purposely broke things or made messes just for fun.

At a college, things are different. The janitorial staff at Pima Community College does a great job of keeping campuses looking good.

Still, janitors don’t get the respect they deserve. Next time you come across someone cleaning a bathroom or mopping a hallway, say thanks or give them a shoutout. I’m sure they’d appreciate it.

Nobody thinks about how tough that job can be or the many gross things janitors must do.

Waxing floors is not easy. Cleaning up vomit is not fun. But our janitors go out every day and do a fantastic job of keeping our school clean and looking good.

Be grateful.

Hoyos grew up listening to all sorts of stories told from the perspective of a janitor.


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