‘Underground Sonics’ achieves timeless sound


“Critical Music Presents: Underground Sonics” is a compilation that keeps my soul on tempo with Afrika Bambaataa while looking for the perfect beat.

The Drum & Bass album contains 18 tracks featuring a collection of artists including Emperor, The Upbeats, Phace and the recently formed trio Ivy Lab, to name a few.

Every tune on “Underground Sonics” contains a uniform, but simultaneously distinct sound. And, Critical Music set an extraordinary high water mark which has affected me like few other beautiful opuses.

Every track is blissfully haunting, uniquely flawless and brilliantly complex. But currently two tracks are fueling my heart, coloring the view of my days and enchanting my dreams.

Mefjus & InsideInfo’s “Repentance” is the exorcism of frighteningly monstrous spiritual demons. This techy-rolling hymnal has washed these frequency-fornicators of all transgressions. The track possesses rich rhythmic layers, an absolving warm bass-line and drum-kicks that thunder a relentless path to redemption.

However, the masterpiece of “Underground Sonics” is Dub Phizix’s “The Clock Ticks.”

Every time my ear catches a hint of this track I am forced to pause, just breathe and enjoy a beautiful shiver up my spine.

This tune is simple, but gorgeously hypnotic and flavored with a patient swell that breaks suddenly into a warm, sauntering groove. “The Clock Ticks” insists I recall the early years of Drum & Bass when tracks deliberately took their time to seduce your ears.

“The Clock Ticks” is the type of track that never completely leaves you, like a lover you have yet to forget or the hometown you walked away from but still dream about. The mesmerizing wave of sound strolls with a tempo that mimics your mind, attempting to calculate when to reach for a life-changing  first kiss.

I implore you to schedule a listen of “Underground Sonics.” The world needs to enjoy the musical gifts that slow our irreplaceable and most valuable asset called time.

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