THE WORD: What was your best April Fools prank?

Pg03-Word-Gabriel Gudenkauf


“My friends and I in high school got to school really early and painted a fake crime scene.

We splattered a bunch of fake blood around a body outline and freaked everyone out.”

Gabriel Gudenkauf
Major: Science


Pg03-Word-Gertrude Donovan


“My boyfriend and I told his parents I was pregnant.We printed a fake sonogram and everything.

When we told them it was a joke, they started crying.”

Gertrude Donovan
Major: Public health


Pg03-Word-Rodney Haywood


“My little brother put syrup on the toilet seat. I woke up at seven in the morning to use the bathroom and didn’t even notice it.

I then wondered why my ass was stuck to the seat.”

Rodney Haywood
Major: Visual Performing Arts


Pg03-Word-Karson Krieg


“My best friend in high school told me she was transferring schools to join an elite choir program.

I found it strange since the school was in Marana and we went to Sahuaro High School.”

Karson Krieg
Major: Music education


Pg03-Word-George Smith


“This girl told me she was pregnant after I only smashed her once.

She even showed me some other girl’s pregnancy test that was positive.”

George Smith
Major: Chemistry

Photos and interviews by Robert Hernandez on West Campus





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