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As a student at both Pima Community College and the University of Arizona, I have driven to many campuses and parked in many different lots and garages.

Here are a few hard-earned tips that could make your life easier:

First, don’t expect your usual spot to be open. You probably have a preferred parking space, but it won’t always be available. Be prepared to park far away from your destination. A little exercise won’t hurt.

Also, expect your vehicle to receive dings and dents. I have been victim to a few hit and runs, but fortunately they were very minor. To reduce the possibility of vehicle damage, strive to park as perfectly as possible. Perpetrators are almost never caught.

Next, leave early. If you can’t find a spot at your first choice, you’ll have time to park somewhere else.

Not allowing enough time causes stress and guarantees you’ll be late to class. Besides, you never know when you’ll encounter an accident or traffic.

Please fix your parking. OK, that’s not a tip, it’s a demand.

If you take up two spots, shame on you. Don’t be embarrassed to fix your parking job. Nobody is judging, unless you block a perfectly fine spot.

For UA, if you live nearby I highly advise you to take public transportation or purchase a parking permit. Public transportation is cheaper but a permit saves you time.

UA offers no free parking during the school week. However, some lots are free after 6 p.m. and garages are free after midnight.

If you are parked in a garage and will be out late, a nap in your car could save you some cash.

If you attend a sporting event, park far away from the arena. Traffic is especially hectic after football and basketball games. The farther away you park, the easier it is to avoid postgame traffic. Again, a little exercise is good for you.

Following these tips will help all of us reduce parking lot stress.

Willcoxson, a journalism student, is waiting to be involved in the largely unknown world.
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