Zombie lovers celebrate ‘Walking Dead’

By Shana Rose

Local organization Tucson Zombies was a main vendor at the “Walking Dead” mid-season premiere party hosted by Showtime Cards on Feb. 9. The event started at around 3 p.m. and continued until the long-anticipated premiere of the newest episode of the popular TV show.

“We are Tucson Zombies and we host the annual Tucson Zombie walk,” spokesman Patrick Reed said. “We’re here at Showtime Cards fundraising with our merchandise and face-painting booth and to enjoy the ‘Walking Dead’ mid-season premier.”

Reed will use the profits from the makeup/FX booths and merchandise sales to fund the group’s annual Tucson Zombie Walk. The last walk was cancelled due to lack of funds for security.

Activities outside the store included a food stand and a DJ booth. Volunteer Leah Lynham-Reed was zombifying customers at her face-painting booth.

Inside the store, a merchandise booth sold fake fingers and zombie-themed coin pouches, wallets, keychains and buttons. The Tucson Zombies team also set up a projector, showing the previous seasons of “The Walking Dead” for fans to catch up on the series.

Los Angeles-based makeup artist Logan Tobia also demonstrated a gruesome transformation on a volunteer from the crowd.

Establishing shot
“Walking Dead” fans flocked to a fundraiser held by the Tucson Zombies organization
(Aztec Press photos by Seb Barajas)


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