The Word: What kind of candy would you be?


The word Sarah Bravard

“I’d be a Reece’s Peanut Butter Cup because they’re addicting, like me.”

Sarah Bravard

Major: Undeclared

The Word Hunter young


“I would be M&Ms because they have variety.”

Hunter Young

Major: Undeclared

The Word Jennie Gonnsen


“I would be a toffee bar because I’m sweet.”

Jennie Gonnsen

Major: Undeclared

The Word Ben Diaz


“A Butterfinger because they’re tasty and I’m always dropping things.”

Ben Diaz

Major: Science

Angie Jackson The Word


“I would be a Snickers because I’m sometimes sweet, sometimes nutty.”

Angie Jackson

Major: Undeclared

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