FROM THE EDITOR: Aztec Press wants your feedback


Students and faculty at Pima Community College’s West Campus may have seen me during the recent “Welcome Week” and wondered why I was staffing an information table and handing out business cards.

There is a very good reason why I spent the better part of my morning trying to get the word out about Aztec Press, and it goes far beyond mere shameless self-promotion.

No, the one we really want to promote is you. Yes, YOU.

Whether you are a first-semester student or a faculty member with decades of experience, you probably either have a story or know someone who does. You just may not realize it yet.

What about the instructors who inspired you to change majors after they saw your true potential?

Or maybe a classmate who works at an interesting job, or is always telling stories in class that makes everyone else take notice?

We want to hear about them, so everyone else can know about them too.

Is your club having a fundraiser or guest speaker? Is it just getting off the ground and you want to spread the word? That’s what your student newspaper is here for.

Maybe you saw something in a class or around campus that just didn’t sit right with you. Perhaps there is an issue that you think needs to be addressed or has been ignored.

That’s what Aztec Press is all about.

We are your public forum, serving each of Pima’s six campuses and numerous learning centers. Our job is to serve you, our readers. And if we aren’t doing that, you need to let us know.

If you think our coverage has flaws, tell us what you think was wrong. We appreciate constructive criticism. At least we know someone out there is reading the stories we put so much effort into.

Email is the best way to reach us. Send your emails to and copy me at

The newsroom telephone number is 206-6800.

You can also “like” Aztec Press on Facebook and leave messages there, or post comments on our website,

Whatever form you use, I encourage everyone reading this to contact us. Tell us what you think, whether it’s good, bad or somewhere in-between.

The only way we can get better is if we know what areas need improvement.

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