God leads us to Heaven


We live in tumultuous times full of violence and injustice. People with nothing to live for commit suicide.

Where is the hope? How can we wake with a purpose-filled life, changing the world and people around us?

Being a Christian, I trust that God will never let me down.

I know my life is meaningful. I know that I am victorious. I am a conqueror over the obstacles in life.

This is why religion is important, but it is more than a religion. It is a relationship with an all-powerful being that loves more than any human could.

People fail time and again, letting you down on promises they should have kept. I know first-hand that God never fails.

Since I have accepted my Savior, I am never alone on my journey. I have joined a group of believers such as myself.

People can’t help those who become lost while trying to overcome the struggles in life. Money doesn’t solve the problem, and there is no way out.

Christians know there is an end goal for those who believe. An eternal resting place called Heaven awaits those who persevered when the world tried to take them out.

Relying on my relationship with God, I know that each step I take in life is a step forward to that end goal.

Some may say that believing in a religion is not worth anything. How can it be true?

This is where faith comes in. It is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see.

People say they tried practicing faith but received nothing. I’d ask them, why did you give up? God never gives up on anyone. You could have been close to your miracle.

People don’t want to give up their old life. I would say the old life, not being able to remember what happened the day before, doing the wrong thing and hurting others, could be turned around if you believe.

This life I am living now far outweighs my reckless past. I am dead to the old and living a wonderful life.

Sure I have bad days and feel like dropping out of the race, but I remember that I am now a child of God. I will never give up because He never gives up on me.

Davis feels everything is possible with God, and is still in the race for that destined place. He can be reached for comment at aztecpress@pima.edu.



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