Working students have tough life


Some people don’t get the concept of college students who also work. We are the students and workers who are always on the run, never having a moment to just chill. We are the ones who always have somewhere to go or something to do.

Our bosses, instructors and our families seem confused about what we do that makes us so tired and so busy. Our days are filled with midterm papers, lectures at odd hours, long shifts at various jobs and unusual study times.

Some of us don’t have scholarships for college and are not eligible for financial aid. Our families don’t pay for our schooling.

Students like myself are painstakingly determined to do it on our own, with no help from any source except our jobs.

Working in addition to being a college student carries a steep price.

We get behind in our studies and lose friendships due to lack of sleep. We sometimes lose sight of our goals because we’re constantly working and going to school.

The authors of an article titled “Learning and Earning: Working in College,” say full-time employment may impair student performance.

“For example, 55 percent of those students working 35 or more hours per week report that work has a negative effect on their studies,” the article says.

Students who work full time reported numerous burdens:

  • 40 percent say work limits their class schedule.
  • 36 percent say it reduces their class choices.
  • 30 percent say it limits the number of classes they take.
  • 26 percent say it limits access to the library.

Being a full-time student with a full-time job takes a toll, yet we must do both if we want a better life.

We want to study for our exams and do our homework, but we also have jobs that require our attendance. We want responsibility and we want our peers, instructors and families to be proud of us, but the candle can burn out quickly.

There is literally no winner in this situation.

Maybe all we can ask is that our work bosses and our college instructors understand that we only have so much time in a day. We’re only human, not indestructible machines.

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