THE WORD: What super power would you choose?

Photos and interviews by Sebastian Barajas at Downtown Campus

Pg03-Word-Adam Alfrey

“Instant memory recall, because school would be easier.”

Adam Alfrey

Major: Psychology

Pg03-Word-Tanya Streich

“Invisibility so I can hear people and be where I shouldn’t.”

Tanya Streich

Major: Undecided

Pg03-Word-Dylan Tobia

“Teleportation, because it eliminates the need to travel.”

Dylan Tobia

Major: Programming

Pg03-Word-Quace Enriquez

“Super speed, so I would never get to class late.”

Quace Enriquez

Major: Automotive

Pg03-Word-Amber Hodges

“Super sight, because I use glasses.”

Amber Hodges

Major: Special education


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