Immigration policy needs restructuring


Since the last major reform in 1986, immigration continues to be a major issue in this country. With the current political blockade in Congress, needed reform may be not happen for years to come.

The government is getting lots of backlash because of its lack of preparation and solutions to the numerous issues surrounding immigration.

Many people are getting screwed over, and money is being wasted on education of immigrants who end up getting deported after graduating.

The immigrants get kicked out of the country, and can’t do anything with the degree for which they have studied. It takes a long time to get back into the country because so many people are trying to get citizenship.

Despite what some people think, it is not easy to attain citizenship. The citizenship process takes at least several months, and that’s if you have a spouse or child who is already an American. If not, it could take years to attain legal status, depending on the individual.

By the time they can get back into the country, immigrants need to go back to school to renew their degree. That’s more money being wasted.

By no choice of their own, many immigrants were brought into this country for a better future by their parents. As they work toward that future, it is taken from them.

Many of these young men and women are intelligent and have necessary skills and education to help America improve, but aren’t given a chance.

I don’t think people should come to America and enjoy the luxuries without contributing to building the country’s economy or prosperity.

However, I don’t believe the government is doing the right thing by expelling people who work hard and pay taxes, or students who are earning an education and trying to improve their lives.

Our government needs to take into consideration the economic and educational advantages of allowing immigrants an opportunity to contribute to America and build their own future.

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