All Souls Procession: Annual event draws thousands

Artists and performers of all types gather for this unique Tucson event that honors departed loved ones. Festivities culminate with one of the nation’s largest non-motorized parades and a ceremonial lighting of an urn filled with offerings and prayers.

Aztec Press photos by Larry Gaurano

Pg09-All Souls_face

Ushers move through the crowd collecting prayers for the urn.

Pg09-All Souls_finale

A performer on stilts sets off pyrotechnics for the finale of the All Souls Procession. The event has grown exponentially overs the years, with an estimated 90,000 people in attendance this year.

Pg09-All Souls_parade

Ushers and other official participants dress in costumes symbolizing the power of fire, to coordinate with this year’s parade fire theme.


A participant uses lights in her costume for an eerie effects.


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