THE WORD: Should marijuana be legalized?

Photos and interviews by Michael Anderson at East Campus

Pg03-Word_ Jake Bashore

“I am very against it, because it’s a gateway drug.”

Jake Bashore

Major: Undecided

Pg03-Word_Eric Piper

“I’m all for it.”

Eric Piper

Major: Accounting

Pg03-Word_Stephanie Riether

“I’m against it because it’s easy to get addicted to and it can have negative side effects.”

Stephanie Riether

Major: Health care

Pg03-Word_Ruby Macias

“I personally agree with legalization of marijuana for medical purposes only.”

Ruby Macias

Major: Neuroscience

Pg03-Word_Sarah DeShields-Bass

“I don’t think it should be. It’ll just cause bigger problems.”

Sarah DeShields-Bass

Major: Criminal justice

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