PCC offers help with university transfer strategies


Making the transition from a community college to a university can be a confusing and rigorous process.

Pima Community College offers a class specifically designed to ease students into the transition.

STU 210 is a transfer strategies course for students seeking to further their education at a university. Students who elect to take the class gain the benefit of priority registration status at the University of Arizona, though the course is applicable to other schools.

“With the high demand for courses, it is not unusual for some classes at UA to fill within minutes of being open,” instructor Edward Doran said in an email.

In Fall 2012, more than 800 PCC students transferred to UA. Of those, 200 were enrolled in STU 210.

Doran said that means 75 percent of students did not receive the benefits that STU 210 can offer.

“If you transfer on your own, you’re at the back of the line,” he said.

Priority registration status is valid for two semesters after completing the course.

The class also includes UA’s mandatory orientation. Transfer students not enrolled in the class must pay for the orientation.

An informal survey of Pima students currently enrolled in STU 210 generated positive comments.

“I think it’s really helpful, because it’s stressful to do the whole process of transferring to a university,” Zujaila Ornelas said.

Mario Cuevas also called the course helpful, and said he appreciates having help with the transfer process.

“It’s pretty informative, man,” Cuevas said. “It just makes things easier.”

STU 210 courses are offered each semester at five Pima campuses.

The first few sessions focus on the application process and address any questions students have. The remainder of the semester focuses on understanding the challenges of attending a university and preparing for the transition.

Students spend half of their class time at UA, where speakers and representatives discuss everything from campus health to grants.

Some classes schedule tours of the UA campus, while other have students schedule their own tours.

In addition to the transfer strategies course, students have access to a UA admissions advisor housed in the Downtown Campus Counseling Center.

“UA has made a strong commitment in supporting Pima students in the transfer process,” Doran said.“Unfortunately, many of our students are unaware of this support.”



STU 210 – Transfer Strategies

The two-credit course is offered each semester at five PCC campuses.

Spring 2014 enrollment opens Nov. 11.

UA Transfer Admissions

Paul J. Miller

UA Office of Admissions @ Pima Downtown Campus
Email: pauljm@email.arizona.edu
Facebook: facebook.com/TransferUA

Pg07-STU 210 group
STU 210 students, from left, London Mcdougal, Michael Price and Nick Christensen review transfer strategies with instructor Edward Doran. (Aztec Press photo by Sebastian Barajas)


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