Is your data really safe?


Is our personal information really safe?

Not a chance. We can try to prevent the worst from happening, but for some that is not enough.

With technology growing rapidly, there is added need to watch what we put online and how we interact on the World Wide Web.

An estimated $500 million was lost due to reported cybercrimes in 2012, according to the Internet Crime Complaint Center.

There are many loopholes in systems that criminals have already thought about. Skilled hackers, who steal the information of customers, breach the most secure websites.

Thieves are enticed by easy-to-crack, six-letter passwords, used to protect what is rightfully dear to us.

People don’t realize they’ve been compromised until it’s too late. Either their money is gone, or they’ve been given a virus that compromises their devices. We can try to put the latest and greatest anti-virus software on our systems, but is it really enough?

Of course you can use tough passwords and change your online behavior, but who really wants to stop sharing their lives with the world?

Will our information ever be safe, or could it be a matter of time before something of ours is stolen?

You just never know who is next. Hackers don’t care about race, gender, religion or anything else. Some want money, and some may just do it for the fun of causing citizens stress.

Even though some may never experience this, there’s no denying threats exist.

You might believe that all your systems are coded and secure and nothing bad will ever happen.

This disregard puts people at risk for losing their property.

Hackers will always try to be a step ahead of the software that helps protect us. There will constantly be one person unaware of helping a hacker by sharing vital information through email, social networking and over phones.

So how can we really feel safe in a world of theft and greed? Can we really use the word “safe” when it comes to our personal information?

I get the feeling there is no standard of safety anymore.

Davis believes the world is full of greed and theft. He does his best to control the personal information he shares online.


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