Best places for fall outings in Arizona


Fall is here and the weather couldn’t be nicer. It’s time to have a bonfire and watch the leaves change colors. Try visiting these special Arizona destinations.

10. Point Imperial

Point Imperial is one of the most-visited spots on the north rim of the Grand Canyon. The view of the Colorado River is breathtaking. As you’re traveling to the point, you’ll see the colorful walls of Marble Canyon.


9. Antelope Canyon, Page

Antelope Canyon has beautiful crimson rocks, similar to Sedona. This may be Arizona’s most-photographed canyon. It’s famous for a scenic view of red mountains, and the hikes are as great as the view. The name comes from the antelope that once ran free there.


8. Mount Lemmon                                                                                                   

Mount Lemmon is well-known to all who live in Tucson. The drive up leads to stunning hiking spots, and there’s skiing at the top of the mountain during the winter. Mount Lemmon is a place most teenagers visit for the amazing city views and most families visit for the camping experience.


Pg12-Mount Lemmon view

7. Lake Havasu                                             

This beautiful lake is a unique little paradise. The famous London Bridge was moved to the lake for tourist to marvel at. The lake has many activities to offer, from off-roading to boating and fishing.


6. Camelback Mountain, Phoenix

If you like hiking and rock climbing, this is the place for you. Camelback has two trails that both offer beautiful views of the city at the top. The trails are steep but short. Rock climbers can get in some practice in a mild climate.


5. Grand Canyon South Rim

The Grand Canyon is a beautiful place to visit any time of year but during the fall season there is just more beauty to behold. If you have time and money, and reserve far in advance, try rafting through the canyon’s white water rapids.


Pg12-Grand Canyon

4. White Mountains                                    

If you like lakes, this is the place to go. The vast Fool Hollow Lake awaits you in the heart of the White Mountains, and you can enjoy fishing and hiking around the surrounding areas. The combination of desert and forest life makes this place especially beautiful.


3. Snow Bowl Road, Flagstaff

As you ascend from the base of the San Francisco Peaks, you see beautiful scenic overlooks on your way to Humphrey’s Peak. Up the mountain, you will see thick green forest and high meadows where cute deer, elk and wild turkeys roam free. Once you get to the top, you’ll have a great view of the entire volcanic field that the mountain is made from and of forest covering the surrounding area.


2. Oak Creek Canyon

The peaceful and unique landscape of Sedona makes it a trip everyone should make at least once in their life. Slow moving streams flowing through the red rock, gentle breezes and pine trees make hiking a very calming experience. Winding roads make for a unique driving experience if you’re coming from the big city.


1. Horton Creek, east of Payson

Sunny days and mild temperatures make this spot amazing in the fall. Short hikes lead to a beautiful waterfall. Trees surrounding Tonto Creek Park change colors as we go further into the fall season.



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