Pima remembers Sept. 11



Students and employees at Pima Community College joined people from around the world in remembering the Sept. 11 attacks against the World Trade Center and the Pentagon.


At the college’s West Campus, student government co-presidents Alec Moreno and Cedric Nealy led a pledge of allegiance. The PCC police honor guard conducted a flag ceremony and PCC music student Aubrey Adams sang the national anthem.


Campus President Louis Albert gave a brief speech remembering those that lost their lives 12 years ago.


Downtown Campus also held events to memorialize those lost in the attacks.


The Northwest Campus sponsored volunteer events for students.


Aid workers and community organizers encourage people to participate in volunteer service to honor those that died during the terrorist attacks.

Pg01-Sept. 11 ceremony
Officers with the Pima Community College Department of Public Safety conduct a ceremony Sept. 11 on West Campus to honor the victims of the 2001 attack.

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