Ban smoking on campus


 Smoking should be banned on all premises of every Pima Community College campus.

 Not only do we have to walk past cigarette smokers on our way to class, but we also have to deal with sitting next to them and smelling the reek of cigarettes on their clothes throughout the entire class.

 The smell of cigarettes give me major headaches and I don’t want to walk past someone who’s perfumed in the stench of cigarette smoke, nor do I want to sit next to them while I’m trying to learn.

 I don’t want to go to school and suffer headaches causing me to not be able to concentrate as well as I could because someone who sits next to me is addicted to cigarettes and can’t go a few hours without one.

 Smoking causes numerous health issues, harming almost every organ in the body.

 It is also the No. 1 cause of death, due to lung cancer and other serious diseases. More than 440,000 deaths are a result of smoking each year, meaning one in every five deaths could have been prevented by simply not smoking.

 I get that smoking is awfully addicting, but smokers are not only harming themselves. They’re destroying the lungs of others around them as well.

Secondhand smoke contains as many as 7,000 chemicals. Seventy of those substances can cause cancer.

Lung cancer and heart disease are only two of many illnesses nonsmokers are at risk of while being exposed to secondhand smoke.

Smoking is seen everywhere, but the place where it shouldn’t be seen is on school campuses.

We attend college to expand our education and get on the right path for our future. We shouldn’t have to worry about smokers polluting our campus with the disgusting odor of their cigarettes.

It could be really bad for students who suffer from asthma or other health concerns to be exposed to cigarette smoke.

It is devastating that while some of us don’t smoke, we are still at risk of lung cancer or heart disease because there are smokers all around campus.

PCC should respect those students who can’t be around the unpleasant smell of cigarettes and ban all smoking.

Tran believes that smokers should respect nonsmokers and not smoke around them, putting them at risk for health issues they could have avoided.



2 thoughts on “Ban smoking on campus

  1. Smoking in public is inconsiderate behavior, plain and simple. Even outdoors, the smell burns my nose and throat from 20 yards away. The suggestion to “get tough” is ridiculous, since getting oneself to the point where they aren’t as bothered by cigarette smoke means their lungs have actually been damaged by it. I’m sick and tired of smokers getting all defensive about their so-called “right” to smoke. Why should those of us who have made good decisions have to breathe your poisonous air? How about taking responsibility for your addiction instead?

  2. I smoke, and I get plenty of dirty looks at school for smelling like cigs.. but really.. outdoors, I don’t think you’d be able to ingest all 7000 chemicals of second hand smoke while walking by someone smoking outdoors. As far as the smell.. sorry, but you can’t make people smell the way you like. Get some Vicks or something. I doubt the smell is going to affect YOUR heart and lungs. I can’t believe this article made it online. Get tough chickadee.. the world won’t conform for nagging chicks like you.

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