Letter to the Editor

LettersDear Pima Community College student body:

One of the most common questions I’ve been asked during my years of tutoring math is “when will this help me in real life?” It sometimes feels like I’ve been asked this more than I’ve been asked for help with math.

While you may never again need to know how to solve for a variable, find the dimensions of a shape, or determine when cars leaving a city in opposite directions will be a certain distance apart, that doesn’t mean that studying math is useless.

When you study math you’re also learning (maybe without realizing it) patience, perseverance and attention to detail, skills that are invaluable in real life. These skills will help you understand, manage and apply resources. To put it another way, studying math will help you save money.

And if you’re having difficulty with math, there are plenty of tutors who are happy to help.

Michael Townsend,

Pima Community College Northwest Campus math tutor

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