Aztec PressWest Campus hires student life coordinator

Grace Fama has been hired as the West Campus student life coordinator at Pima Community College.

Fama, who previously worked at PCC as an academic advisor, holds a master’s degree in student affairs administration and a bachelor’s degree in psychology.

“I am really excited about my new position,” Fama said. “I have worked in student involvement and leadership development at other colleges, and this kind of work is my passion.”

Her work in advising gave her an opportunity to learn more about the student experience at Pima, Fama said, adding, “I’m thrilled to be able to work with student leaders at West.”

Fama said she is looking for new ways to use new tools that are available to simplify processes and connect with more students.

Cierra Nealy, the West Campus student government secretary and a student life intern, looks forward to working with Fama.

“I think she is really nice and can have a great impact on the student body,” Nealy said. “She can help strengthen us in stability.”

-By Celeste Orendain


East Campus student life coordinator retires

East Campus student life coordinator Constance Strickland retired March 7 after a career of 35 years at Pima Community College.

Strickland started as a clerical services specialist at East Campus in 1978. Her duties expanded as student activities coordinator in 1997.

In 2001, Strickland reached beyond Pima to students in the K-12 curriculum as an acting coordinator.

This spring, she initiated a Martin Luther King Jr. celebration at East Campus in January and coordinated with the student government for a leadership conference in February.

East Campus has not appointed a new student life coordinator.

-By Cole Potwardowski

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