Ban smoking on campus

oredain_celesteBy CELESTE ORENDAIN

Pima should ban smoking anywhere on campus.

Even though college policy currently prohibits smoking within 25 feet of building entrances, smokers ignore the rules.

Now that smokers have electronic cigarettes, they also use them inside buildings and even in classrooms.

That’s annoying, too.

Even though electronic cigarettes only produce vapor, we nonsmokers still have to deal with classmates smoking next to us.

We all learned about the dangers of smoking in middle and high school, and saw those disgusting images of lungs after smoking.

We know that smoking is really addictive, and can cause serious health issues.

That’s true for secondhand smoke, too.

Breathing secondhand smoke especially affects people who are allergic.

It may not be visible when people have asthma, allergies or some other illness, but they suffer when they must pass by smokers.

Many other students are exasperated about having to cross in front of all the smoke, but just don’t say anything.

Some people get dizzy just from the smell of cigarettes. I personally find it really disgusting to sit next to a smoker.

As college-age adults, we shouldn’t have to keep asking people not to smoke in areas that are restricted.

Continuing to smoke is a personal decision, and the reasons for smoking don’t really matter. People who smoke cause bad impressions.

Smokers should realize that many people care for them, and one or two might even see them as heroes.

If you are going to smoke, at least avoid people who don’t like cigarettes or the smell. Obey the signs, and take the time to walk away from buildings.

Instead of modeling bad habits, be a real hero who demonstrates care for others.

Orendain cares about health. She believes that smoking harms both the smoker and the people around the smoker.

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