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Tavern breaks from the ordinary

wPg12-District TavernBY JORGE ENCINAS

With an atmosphere of familiarity, even for the first-time visitor, the District Tavern is a welcome break from many of the swanky-style bars found in downtown Tucson.

The locally owned tavern reflects the flavor of its clientele with a collage of photos on the bar top, foreign posters and a vintage table-top Pac-Man arcade.

While many patrons are regulars, the bartenders always welcome people who walk in and quickly get to know them.

The tavern only accepts cash but you will find that it does not take very much to enjoy your evening.

You can buy $2 well drinks during the daily happy hour special from 2-8 p.m. A popular all-day every-day special offers a High-Life and a shot of whiskey for $3. Note: No Budweiser or Pabst is available.

District also features live bands. To find out who’s playing, just take a look at the front window where the fliers are posted. Some bands are from out of town but there’s a good chance you will find a local band playing on the small stage.

A featured DJ plays every Saturday night. In the absence of that or a band, an old-style jukebox has a limited but good selection of music you don’t typically find downtown.

Music isn’t all you find. There are also traditional games like pool and darts, and a variety of board games and dominoes can be checked out with the bartender. You’ll even find a Jenga set available.

For smokers, District provides a small shaded patio with chairs to relax and talk to your friends. However, it’s also the back way out of the bar so there is no drinking while smoking, with the exception of electronic cigarettes.

If you’re downtown looking for somewhere laid back to hang out and have a good time, the District Tavern is a one place worth checking out.


The District Tavern

Address: 260 E. Congress

Phone: 792-0081

Hours: Open daily, 2 p.m.-2 a.m.

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