Faculty senate looks at registration


Pima Community College’s Faculty Senate has continued to discuss late registration and mandatory prerequisites.

The Senate supported the elimination of late registration during a Feb. 1 vote. College administrators would ultimately be the ones to decide whether to eliminate it.

The late registration issue arose again during the April 5 Faculty Senate meeting, but was shelved because of other pressing college issues.

Senators plan to discuss the issue again during an April 24 meeting. Committee members will compare notes and feedback, then prepare to meet with Provost Jerry Migler.

Faculty Senate President Joe Labuda said he is “confident that an agreement will be made at that time.”

A related issue discussed at April 5 was the possibility of having mandatory prerequisites for certain courses offered at PCC.

“The ultimate goal is to make sure that when a student is registered for a class, that they are academically prepared for that course,” Labuda said.

When students register online for classes, the computer would prevent them from signing up for any classes unless the proper requirements have been met.

Although the issues of late registration and mandatory prerequisites are not directly related, Labuda said they do relate in the sense that both issues would ensure the best possible outcome for students who are enrolled in the courses.

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