Talk will explore ways to bridge science, arts


wPg03-Speaker-Jerry Gill
Jerry Gill.
Photo courtesy of PCC.

Jerry Gill, an adjunct instructor of philosophy, religion and humanities, will give a talk entitled “Knowing is as Knowing Does” on April 2 as part of the Pima Community College Speakers’ Series.

The lecture will begin at 6 p.m. in the PCC District Office Community Board Room, 4905 E. Broadway Blvd.

Gill hopes to explain the long-standing divide between those who work with the scientific  objective approach to knowledge and those who work with a more intuitive approach.

“I shall try to provide a way past this divide by sharing the insights of a philosopher named Michael Polanyi concerning what he called ‘tacit knowing,’” Gill said. “He developed a way to integrate these approaches by grounding all cognitive activity in bodily awareness and skills.”

Polanyi is a Hungarian physicist, economist and philosopher. His major works include “Personal Knowledge” and “Knowing and Being.”

“In my view, Polanyi’s insights enable us to understand the basis and patterns of knowing, without separating the sciences from the creative arts and religious concerns,” Gill said.

The year-long free Speakers’ Series is co-sponsored by the provost’s office and Faculty Senate.

There will be three more talks next fall:

  • Oct. 1: “Chinese Grocery Store: From Chorizo to Saladito,” by Barry Infuso, culinary arts.
  • Nov. 5: “Whales of Baja,” by Katie Averson, biology.
  • Dec. 3: “Climate Change at Arctic’s Edge,” by Silvia Kolchens, chemistry.

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